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Athletic ParticipationDAta

2018-2019 School Year Athletic Data


Total Enrollment of Willis Jepson Middle School:  932


Total Enrollment by Gender:
Boys:  481                 

Girls:  451


Number of Students Who Participate in Athletics:  352


Number of Students Who Participate in Athletics by Gender:
Boys: 217                

Girls:  135


Sports by Gender:

Boys:  6                   

Girls: 6


Competition Level:  Middle School


(Note:  Information provided pursuant to Vacaville Unified School District AR 6145.2)


Athletic Director

Chris Marino


Phone: (707) 453-6280 ext. 158

Athletics Information

Eligibility Requirements

Athletic Clearance

Prior to participating in any athletic team at Willis Jepson, students must have completed the athletic physical clearance packet.  

Jepson is moving to an online system to submit physicals starting this upcoming 19/20 school year.  To the right is a handout for Athletic Clearance that will help guide you through the process.  Vacaville Unified School District requires all potential student-athletes to complete a checklist of items each year to practice and compete.

Steps 1 through 6 must be completed before an athlete can be “cleared” for workouts.

  1. A completed physical (use the form to the right)

  2. Physical must be dated after May 1, 2019

  3. Physicals will be offered at Willis Jepson Middle School on Wednesday, August 28th in the library for $15 cash

  4. Chiropractor physicals will not be accepted

  5. Physicals can be accepted by your primary care physician or you can call City Med Urgent Care (707-300-6460) to schedule an appointment.  There is a $40 fee for a physical from them.  City Med Urgent Care is located at 1313 Travis Blvd, Fairfield CA 94533.

  6. Log onto and create an account


  8. Complete all tabs in including electronic signature

  9. Print and sign the Consent to Participate

  10. Submit both your physical and Consent to Participate

  11. These can be submitted to Hayley Mendenhall in the library or front office.

Your potential student-athlete will not be able to practice until all of the above is completed.  I’ve also attached the above checklist into this e-mail. 

There are also optional items that can be completed by parents/guardians wishing to transport student-athletes to and from athletic events.

  1. Volunteer Information Form

  2. Driver Registration Form

These can be completed and submitted to Hayley Mendenhall in the library or front office as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact: 

Hayley Mendenhall:          

707-453-6280  Ext.1152

Chris Marino:         

707-453-6280  Ext.1157


Extracurricular Activities

Eligibility will be determined using the quarter report card grades.  Eligibility will take effect 2 days following the posting of the quarter grades.  Students will maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher to be considered eligible to participate in extracurricular athletic/academic activities. If you are interested in participating in these activities make sure you listen for announcements and get the forms needed to participate. Students must be in school on the day of any extracurricular activity in order to participate.