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Attendance Matters

Attendance Policies

Academic Success

Research shows that students need to attend school daily to succeed and that academic achievement is strongly correlated with regular school attendance. Willis Jepson Middle School staff supports students and families in meeting district and state attendance expectations while providing appropriate intervention programs to improve attendance for struggling students.

Attend Daily

Excused and Unexcused Abscences

The state of California and the Vacaville Unified School District Governing Board sets the rules for which absences are excused and which are unexcused. Absences are excused for student illness, quarantine, verifiable medical appointments, funeral services for the death of an immediate family member, an appearance in court, or religious services. Family trips/vacations are not excused, even with a note. If there is a reason that a student must miss school, in excess of 5 school days, please contact the attendance office regarding the possibility of Short-Term Independent Study.

A "chronic absentee" has been defined in California Education Code (EC) Section 60901(c)(1) as "a pupil who is absent on 10 percent or more of the school days in the school year when the total number of days a pupil is absent is divided by the total number of days the pupil is enrolled and school was actually taught in the regular day schools of the district.  This includes both excused and unexcused absences. Research shows that for student achievement, what matters is the number of days a student misses, not the reason — which is why chronic absenteeism is a stronger measure of academic performance and student success.

Clearing Abscences

When your child is absent from school please send a note with your student to bring to the attendance office upon their return to school, or leave a detailed message on the attendance line by calling (707) 453-6284, during the school day.

Tardy Policy

 A student is considered tardy any time they are not in their assigned seat when the bell rings.  

1. When a student is tardy the first time in a quarter, his teacher will discuss the importance of promptness.  

2. The second time a student is tardy; he/she may be issued a teacher detention. 

3. The third time a student is tardy, they may be issued teacher detention and parents will be notified. 

4. The fourth and subsequent times a student is tardy, he/she will be assigned lunch detention and/or all-day ADP (in-school suspension).

5. Excessive tardiness will result in loss of locker, all-day ADP, and/or Saturday School.

Tardy Sweeps may occur at random during the school day.  Students who are caught in tardy sweeps after the bell will be issues a same day/ next day lunch detention.