Willis Jepson Middle School


Adam Wight

Dear Parents,


My name is Adam Wight, and it is with great pride that I write this letter of introduction to you.  This is my fourth year at Jepson, and I am looking forward to working with our staff, students and community in this new capacity.


My background in education is deeply rooted in Vacaville Unified, where I have served as a high school teacher, coach and now school administrator.  A Navy brat by birth, I consider myself an adopted son of Vacaville, and have spent almost my entire adult life living in the community.   I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, and this year marks my 15th in education. 


At Jepson, we believe our purpose is to prepare students for high school success and beyond.  We do this by offering a comprehensive program with rigorous academics, Career Tech exploration, and a thriving co-curricular program.  The challenge is that we have only two years to accomplish this goal!  Our teachers are committed to working together to provide great instruction, and a powerful intervention system that supports students if they may struggle. 


Jepson is a special place, with historic ties to our town and its citizens.  Many of our students are sons and daughters of Jepson graduates.  This year we have 14 staff members with children or grandchildren on campus.


Please consider following us on Facebook for updates on campus activities.  And, don't forget to sign up for School Loop for important emails and information about your student's academic progress.  


With Respect,

Adam Wight

Contact Informtation

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact me any time either by email at adamw@vacavilleusd.org, or by calling Janet Motta, Head Secretary, at (707) 453-6280, ext. 100.  

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