Willis Jepson Middle School

School Policies

Dress Code

The Jaguar Student “Dress Code” is designed to encourage students to dress for the purpose of learning. Clothing should be neat, clean, free from tatters and tears, and fit properly, while following the standards of common decency and respect.


SHIRTS/BLOUSES - All shirts must have sleeves.  A sleeve is defined as material that covers the entire shoulder area. The following types of shirts are NOT acceptable:  Backless, strapless, low-cut, see-through, spaghetti strap; tank and tube tops are NOT acceptable. Also, tops must not be low cut and or revealing.


All shirts must completely cover the abdomen/mid-drift area and back, even when the arms are lifted up. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. Clothing or accessories depicting the occult, gangs, death, suicide, violence, drugs, sex, race, obscenities, alcohol, or anything else deemed educationally inappropriate are not allowed.


SKIRTS, AND DRESSES-Skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length and slits can be no higher than mid-thigh.


PANTS AND SHORTS - No nightwear is allowed, such as pajamas, etc.  Pants must fit at the waist and be buttoned or zipped.  Pants that are torn or have holes/multiple slashes above the shorts line are not permitted; pockets will not hang below short line. Shorts and skirts must be long enough to cover body parts. Leggings must be covered by shorts, skirts, or long shirts that can cover buttocks area appropriately. Pants must be worn at or near the waist. Writing is not allowed across the seat of pants, shorts or skirt.


“Sagging” is inappropriate and not allowed. Leg bottoms cannot drag on the ground. No long shorts (of any color) with long socks.


HATS - Hats may be worn outside only, before school, at lunch, and after school.  Hats with brims or visors must be worn properly and facing straightforward and shading the face. The wearing of a hood covering the head or showing of any bandana is not to be worn while on campus. Hairnets and bandanas are not permitted. Knit hats/Beanies may be worn in cold and or rainy weather only.


All hat types are to be taken off when entering or in any building.


BELTS - Fitted at the waist and properly sized.  Belts cannot hang more than 3” from appropriate loop. Belts are optional, provided other clothes are worn properly. ONLY ONE BELT MAY BE WORN AT A TIME.


SHOES - All shoes must be laced or tied properly. No slippers, flip-flops, or sliders of any kind are allowed. Sandals must have a heel strap. Shoes with laces or Velcro straps are to be secured.


MAKE-UP - Make-up is permitted, but cannot be applied during class time. No personal grooming in the classrooms, library, or computer labs.


ACCESSORIES - Any accessory, as determined by administration, which is dangerous or disruptive to the learning environment, is not acceptable. Bandanas and/or hairnets not permitted. NO blankets allowed. NO sunglasses allowed.

Hairnets, bandanas (of any color), and sunglasses are not permitted.


LOGOS/DESIGNS/MONIKERS - Logos on shirts, pants, belts, hats, backpacks,    or any other clothing article, must be free of any designs or writing that are gang-related, weapon related, drug/alcohol/tobacco-related, obscene, offensive, vulgar, degrading, or otherwise disruptive to the learning environment.


BACKPACKS -Backpacks must be free of any designs or writing that is gang-related, obscene, offensive, degrading, or otherwise disruptive to the learning environment as determined by the administration. Put your name in your backpack.


WJMS is NOT financially responsible for lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen hats, sunglasses, or articles of clothing or backpacks.


After School Activity “Relaxed” Dress Code


The WJMS Dress Code applies to all school related activities, including dances.  For the purposes of School Dances, the administration allows for a relaxed standard of dress.  This standard will allow for shirts to be sleeveless, but not without straps, and for shoes to be of the student’ choice (I.e. Flip flops are okay).


Consequences for Dress Code Violations

Students in violation of the Dress Code will be notified by school staff and sent to the office where consequences will consist of the following stepwise interventions:


1st Offense: Student is warned and informed of proper dress code expectations, violation logged into student discipline record (WAR), parent/guardian notified, student must change into appropriate clothing in order to return to class. 1 demerit assigned.  Inappropriate clothing items picked up at the end of the school day.


2nd Offense: Same as 1st offense and the student must serve the next available lunch detention, 1 demerit assigned. A dress code violation is logged into student discipline record (DET-L).


3rd Offense/Subsequent Offenses: Same as 2nd offense, student will be assigned 2 lunch detentions and 2 demerits. Subsequent violations will result in Saturday School.

Personal Electronic Device Policy

PEDs such as smartphones, iPods, tablets, etc. are now part of our everyday lives. The usefulness of these devices cannot be overstated. As learning and networking tools, they have greatly expanded our ability to access and share information, solve problems, create content, and interact with each other in positive ways. However, in the school and classroom setting, there are many times when these devices interfere with student learning and need to be put away and turned off/ silenced.


       Therefore, in order to promote a professional, respectful, and effective learning environment:


  1. All PEDs are to be turned off and put away prior to entering first period and are not to be used during the whole school day, including lunch and passing periods, unless authorized by the teacher for instructional purposes.
  2. Personal stereos or speakers (Bluetooth or wired) that amplify music are not to be used on campus.
  3. DO NOT take photos/video with your camera phone on campus. If you harass, threaten, or bully another student via cell phone, discipline will occur and the school resource police officer may be contacted. Repeated violations of the cell phone policy may result in additional consequences.
  4. Students must secure and keep their PEDs in their possession at all times. PEDs are frequently lost or stolen and, while staff will make a reasonable effort to recover lost or stolen devices, WJMS is not responsible for their recovery or replacement.


Consequences for Violating PED Acceptable use Policy


1st Offense: PED is confiscated by the teacher and taken to the front office. An electronics violation is logged into student discipline record (WAR), 1 demerit assigned, and the PED is returned to student at the end of the day.


2nd Offense: PED is confiscated by the teacher and taken to the front office. An electronics violation is logged into student discipline record (WAR-2), 1 demerit assigned, and the PED is returned to student at the end of the day.  Warning given that the next time the PED is confiscated student will receive lunch detention.


3rd and Subsequent Offenses: Parent/guardian is contacted and parent/guardian must come to pick up the PED from secretary, 1 demerit assigned.  An electronics violation is logged into student discipline record (DET-L).  Student is assigned lunch/ study hall detention, 1 demerit assigned.


Students who refuse to give their PED to STAFF upon request are in violation of Ed. Code 48900 and are subject to school discipline.


If a parent needs to contact you during the school day, they may call the main school number to have a message delivered to you. If you need to make a call during the school day, come into the school office and ask permission to use an office phone.