Willis Jepson Middle School

Drill and Dance

Advisor: Mrs. Thiessen

The Dance Drill Club meets on Wednesdays after school between C and E halls.  The purpose of the club is to build the skills necessary to be successful at the high school level.  Team members will learn basic arm and kick routines, work on coordination, and learn basic performance routines.

Dance Drill club is a new club this year that gives students the opportunity to explore the world of dance and specifically support them to participate in the Vaca High Dance/Drill program.  The club is open to all Willis Jepson students.  We have support and the expertise of the Vaca Hgh Dance Drill Team.  The captains of the Vaca High team have been coming weekly, on Wednesdays, to teach the students the techniques and skills needed for the Vaca High team.  They also taught them a field routine that we performed at two of our home football games this year.    We also had a professional dance teacher come and teach a hip hop routine that we hope to perform during our basketball season. 

We've thought about continuing into the Spring and competing locally.  Our options are endless and our driven by the desires of the students who are participating.