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Counseling Locker

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Educational Sites for Parents on internet safety:


FBI Parent Guide - http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/parent-guide

National Crime Prevention - www.ncpc.org/topics/internet-safety


How Parents Can Block Certain Websites from Children:  

www.k9webprotection.com  free 





Counseling Hours:  7:30 AM to 3:00 PM  when school is in session.


How to see a counselor .......

Students can come into counseling before school, after school or during lunch.   Student's can also ask teachers permission to come to counseling, e-mail your counselor or in serious situations students can come during passing period.  

Parents can make appointments by calling 453-6282 or e-mail your child's counselor.

If you e-mail a counselor after 3:00 they will get back to you the following day.


What the counseling office does.........

 Registration, Withdrawal, Class Schedules, Academic and Personal Support, Communication Methods, Conflict Management, Bullying Prevention, Organizational Skills, Referral Resources, Study Skills

Counseling Mission Statement:  The mission of the counseling department at Willis Jepson Middle School is to ensure that all students acquire the educational, self-knowledge and workplace awareness skills necessary for success in all areas of their lives.

Counseling Services Include: 

* Academic Guidance Counseling assists students and their parents to understand curricular options, plan a program of studdies, schedule and interpret academic testing, and seek post secondary academic opportunities.

 * Career Guidance and Counseling assists students to understand and make plans for jobs, apprenticeships, and post secondary opportunities.

 *  Personal/Social Guidance and Counseling  assists students to understand themselves, the rights and needs  of others, conflict resolution and encourages individual goal setting.

These services are delivered through:

Classroom Guidance is a series of classroom lessons conducted by counselor (s) at various grade levels to promote academic, personalsocial and career development of all students.

Small Group Counseling allows students to share mutual concerns  with their peers.  Emphasis is upon problem solving and the development of positive attitudes and effective personal skills.

Individual Counseling  helps student learn more efficiently and effectively, with an emphasis on identifying concerns early before they become overwhelming.


An important obligation of counselors is to maintain the confidentiality of relationships with students.  Therefore, the confidentiality of information received, and of any written or pupil records, is safeguarded.  The counselor is obliged not to disclose information that a student has shared within the context of the counseling relationship, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a serious threat to him or herself or to others.



Mrs. Anita Kelly, - Counseling Secretary 

Hours 7:30 - 4:00

Mrs. Cindy Ayala, MS, PPS - 7th Grade

Mrs. Tracy Waldrop, MA, PPS - 8th Grade

Phone # - 707-453-6282

Fax # - 707- 447-3093

Kids and Socializing Online

Kids and Socializing Online

Social networking sites, chat rooms, and blogs are how teens socialize online.  Among the pitfalls that come with online socializing are sharing too much information or posting comments, photos, or videos that can damage a reputation or hurt someone’s feelings.  Applying real-world judgment can help minimize those risks.  

It is important that you educate yourself and your child:   For example, type your child’s name into a search engine, such as Google, to see what pops up; Tell your child to only post what they’re comfortable with others seeing; Remind kids that once they post it, they can’t take it back; Tell your kids not to impersonate someone else; Help your kids understand what information should stay private; Politeness counts – no threats or bullying; Do not talk to someone you don’t know! For more parent information visit: OnGuardOnline.gov

Here are some of the current social networking sites your student may be using: facebook.com; instagram.com; twitter.com; hi5.com; Bebo.com; Omegle.com, etc.