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As per state law, students entering grade 7 each year need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster (TDAP shot) after age 7. The tetanus-diphtheria booster shot, TD, will ...more

Registration and Summer Hours

School starts Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 for all schools in Vacaville Unified. (view calendar details.) Our office is closed for the summer, but will reopen August 8. Until then, parents may contact the VUSD District Office for registration information. Forms are also available on the district web site in English or Spanish.

Beginning of Year Schedule


Wednesday 8/17 7th GRADE ORIENTATION, 10:00 AM
Wednesday 8/24 Sports Physicals, 2:00 - 5:00 PM, WJMS Library
Thursday 8/24 Sports Physicals, 4:00 - 7:00 PM, WJMS Library



Flyers from nonprofit groups that provide services, programs, and activities which benefit VUSD students and parents are posted on the Community Bulletin Board.  You can view a list of posted flyers by clicking the Bulletin Board List attachment below.  You can also view each individual flyer in the Index of Community Bulletin Board Items box below under Elementary Events, Secondary Events, and Parent/Community Resources.



This pre-qualification is for maintenance projects only. For Measure A pre-qualification please go to the Measure A tab on the top right of the page. The Measure A prequalification packet is under the Contractor Info and Bidding tab.


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Notes on School Safety

Online cruelty, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, digital harassment, slander, Internet defamation, virtual impersonation -- the Internet has a dark side.  And for middle school students, things that people may say or post about them online, are especially taken to heart.   We’d like to share with you a campaign that is helping to raise awareness about this issue, combatting cyber-hate with kindness.

East Bay Area middle school teacher Kim Karr began a program called #icanhelp, designed to empower students to take a stand against cyber harassment.  The program educates students on the negative effects of cyber bullying, and gives them tools and strategies to help stand up to this behavior.   The program encourages students to 1. post positively, 2. reply to comments with positive thoughts, 3. block people from their social media that may be inappropriate, and last, 4. tell adults when cyber bullying occurs.  We encourage all our families to reinforce these four strategies with our students when the conversation arises at home surrounding cyberbullying.

At Willis Jepson, our Counseling department has begun to spread the word about #icanhelp on campus, and is using the four strategies to help students fight back against cyber bullying.  In addition, students have received public service announcements through the web bulletin encouraging them to take a stand against cyber bullying, and our leadership students are helping to spread the word.  When a student finds a negative post, made about themselves or someone else, they can post “#icanhelpdeletenegativity” in the comments field, to flag that comment for the social media company.  Many posts and group sites are being taken down by the company as a result of students tagging them.

For more information on #icanhelp, visit http://www.icanhelpdeletenegativity.org/, or email your students counselor at Willis Jepson.


If you have factual information regarding a person possessing an illegal object on campus (weapons, drugs, etc), or if you know of someone who may be a danger to themselves, text Officer Pro using our Text To Tip line to let him know.  All texts are anonymous.

(707) 418-0594


This number should not be used if there is an emergency (call 911), or if you are reporting on something that has already happened.